Shocking as it is to the Staff of Mytoos we are noticing some inappropriate posting behavior of the members here at Mytoos.This is not directed at any one person or member it is a problem that is just getting a little out of control.We value the members input and help.It takes allot of stress and expectations off the staff here at Mytoos but some things to keep in mind here...

Mytoos is a Private Owned Message Board.This means we have no sponsors,which was decided a long time ago to reserve our right to say the things we feel needs to be said without concern for other debate.We reserve the right to handle ANY transmission ANY way we feel appropriate with no explanations due to anyone.Also Mytoos is made up of a volunteer staff...there is no one profiting from this board except for YOU and your Cockatoo from the wealth of information it contains and the support you get from this Site and Message Board. This is our commitment to cockatoos.

When an Admin or Moderator has to edit out information please do not repost the information that is being removed.It is being removed for a reason and we do reserve the right to do so.We do not have to give an explanation as to why it is being removed but typically we do give you a reason at the bottom of the post as a courtesy to you if you look at the bottom of your post that has been edited.If a complete post has been removed...then ask yourself if it was appropriate to post would not have been removed if it was appropriate.We are all adults here and lets behave and conduct ourselves as such please.Think before you post.

We have one thing in mind when we reply to members.The birds,their safety and well being.If we see this is being sacrificed we will say so.Understand Mytoos has been around for a very long time and is the largest cockatoo board known for it's truth,good advice,and no fluff.Let's keep it that way.If you want fluff boards there are many out there but one thing for sure is you won't get the same advice/help there that you will here.We should not have to sugar coat the truth for it to be heard.Sometimes the truth hurts but it's better than risking the life of an innocent living being and having some hurt feelings that we should be able to tolerate.

There is also a difference between the classifications and title of someone who is posting to give advice.You need to learn to decipher who you are getting advice from.Anyone is free to give/receive advice on this board.Use your own judgement of who it's coming from and the experience they have.

Moderators and Admin can only do so much when it comes to reading through all the posts and don't forget we have jobs,family,flock and lives away from the computer also.We can not always read every post as they are coming in so the expectations on members is huge,especially the members who have been here for a long time.If you see something posted that is not what we stand for or is not acceptable you can "notify" us of the post which sends an email to the Moderators of the forum and also Admin.This will get our attention right away and we will come in and take care of things when time permits.It is not okay to encourage this to continue or start to participate yourself.We again have one thing in!


Sometimes damaged goods are the best gifts the world has to offer