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Bill Update:
Well, he's holding himself up a bit straighter and he fought the vet a little bit this evening. That's the good news.

... On the down side, we still are no closer to finding out what the mass in his crop is. She says it looks like solidified egg yolk or cheese whiz. So, we'll keep plugging along, and trying to figure it out.

He's quite wobbly. His head is a bit wobbly, and he falls over sideways when he fusses with his collar. It seemed to me a bit better from yesterday, but I'm not exactly a dispassionate observer. When she said she was going to test for lead, I almost cried. She doesn't think it's lead, but because there are so many unknowns, she's ruling out as fast as she can.

He mostly slept on me today. He's dopey, drowsy and sleepy. He's focusing for a few moments, then glazing over again. I just want my boy back and well.