While I was away, my parents took our Fully Flighted Parakeet outside. (They never listen to me when I them what they are doing is not in the best interest of the bird!!)

He flew into the trees and we haven't seen him since, we rolled his cage to the edge of the pavement hoping he'll come back to sleep for the night. This happened at around 5-6 P.M.February 23rd.

I'm devastated. Is there any advice from anyone on how to find him/get him back? I'm going biking soon to look around the neighborhood for him.

Please, skip the part about telling me how stupid it was doing that. I know that already, but it wasn't me who did it in. In fact, if I were there at the time, things would have been completely different.

Please, any advice?

ETA: I walked around the neighborhood and nothing.

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