Christmas is almost here! It has been a tough year for people all over the world. For many of us, our birds have helped us through tough times. They don't know tough times, they just know their flocks. Unfortunately, more birds, parrots and cockatoos than ever before are suffering and homeless because of the turmoil in the economy.

If, like me, you find yourself thankful for all you have today, and you have a job and are eating a holiday meal with your family and flock, please don't forget the birds in rescues and sanctuaries. Every one of these organizations is struggling trying to feed and house birds that people were not able to care for. Please look up a good rescue or sanctuary near you, or that you trust and give them a donation. I don't care if it is only $5, it will be appreciated! Maybe you could donate some of your time and volunteer for a period of time, or buy them some needed supplies or food.

Our birds give us great joy in this life. They really have much to be thankful for, you. The homeless did not ask to be where they are, they did not mean to be born into captivity, they did not plan to sacrifice their lives to a cage. They are there because of humans and the least we can do is try to make it up to some of them. They will appreciate as little as a holiday treat or a new toy. I hope you will include them in your holiday festivities! smile