The oral medication didn't woek out. He hated the meds and would hold it and spit it out. So, I guess the vet was right and the injections work better. Giving them doesn't seem to stress him as much either. I just use the the towel kinda to protect his wings from flaping around. After the injuection he even lets me give screteches. He is only picking at the one wing and chest. As long as he isn't picking at himself on the chest and just the feathers I find it is going better. He even took a couple sunflower seeds from me the other day.

The help the rehaber gave me sure has helped the two of us. I was taking things he did as signs her was upset with me. When in fact he was showing content. So I would get uptight and expect a bite and react accordenly. So far things are really going better. I also realize I can't do anything with him when DH is around. The time he bite me a took the chunck out of my arm was when I was stepping him up and he heard DH outside. He steps up for DH MOST times if I'm not around. If he tries when I'm in the room the crest goes up.

We are just making sure only one of us at a time is in the room when we work with him. I'm pretty sure I'm not the chosen one! But, with time I think he will tolerate me. I hope!

My flock: Stewy-Tiel, Sky-B&G, Newton, Ping & Pong-OWA's,Don Juan-YNA, Cody & Rocky-U2's, Merlin-M2