Who Will Pray for Me

I helped you find a brand new life
My devotion plain to see;
And in return you showed your love
Another home you found for me.

And then you wonder why I do
All the things I do
Biting, plucking, screaming
My pain just bursting through.

My soul I gave you gladly
I wear it on my wing
Talk is cheap for humans
And all the pain they bring.

I gave you all, you gave me naught
You should have let me be
And now my heart is empty
Of the love I gave so free.

When your world was upside down
I loved you most of all,
And how did you repay me
You set me up to fall.

My heart does bleed for what I lost
My love I cannot hide
You gave me to another
Yet I will love you til I die.

When I finally reach the Rainbow Bridge
And all the peace it brings
Your memory shall be cradled
Gently neath my wing.

My love for you is evident
In all the things I do;
I am no more, I am no less
Than a cockatoo.

One last thing I ask of you
My pain Iíve let you see
When home number 3 is no more
Who will pray for me?

Bev Penny

Owner: DebRan Bird Toys