My parents had a cockatiel when I was growing up. In fact, Tiki is still alive and must be going on 16 or 17 years now. He is still squeaking and chirping up a storm as well as tormenting the dog (2nd one he has gotten to torment, he outlived the first) whenever I see him. I was always fascinated with the larger birds, and when I got out on my own after college I decided to buy one.

So here I am 7 years later with a 7.5 year old white chicken. It definitely was a bit of an impulse buy, and I do wish I would have found this site prior to purchasing the bird from the breeder (though I am not sure these people would really classify as 'breeders' they still sold a bird to a 22 year old guy and his girlfriend/now wife). Even though I had done a good bit of research prior to buying, I think I probably would have looked into adoption (or forwent bringing one home entirely) had I known what I know now. I really had no idea about these birds and what I was getting myself into.

Buying that chicken had to be both the best and worst decision I ever made. She is the second most important thing in my life - I have to give my wife the #1 spot because she might be reading this grin (she would no doubt say the same about the chicken) - but both of our lives revolves around her schedule now. I had no idea the commitment - a commitment I am happy to make - caring for a 'too would be. She drives me bonkers at times, but, still, I miss, think about her, wonder what she is doing, and cant wait to see her whenever I am not home. Even though she seems like such a happy little birdie, I cant help but think she deserves much more.

If/when I do this again, it will be with a rescue bird for sure. After all, a flock of 3 is barely a flock...

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