Consumer Freedom is absolutely biased, but you can look at Peta's records on the government's website.. so they aren't exaggerating. Also, attacking consumerfreedom instead of their argument is called an ad hominem attack and is a logical fallacy.

If you want to help animals, support the animal welfare movement. Animal rights have a hard-line, impossible stance that will only hurt people and animals in the long run. I'm sorry, but there is no way everyone in the world is going to become vegan (although you are quite welcome to do so yourself, as long as you realize it's not actively changing much of anything). Even if these groups managed to outlaw meat, do you really think that's going to stop people? People are going to be smuggling cows and keeping them in their basements (or what have you) and at that point, all of those regulations and good care standards go out the window and the animals suffer much more than before.

There are still bad farms and abusive practices, but I feel they are the minority and groups like Peta love to use them to represent the majority, which is completely unfair. The abusive people are bad definitely, but we shouldn't paint everyone with a broad brush. Animal welfare tries to focusing on getting rid of the bad places and bettering the care these animals receive. I've noticed a lot of people don't know the difference, so they are putting their lot in with the wrong people.

I hope an unbiased, objective documentary comes to light about parrots. Shockumentaries may fool some people for a while, but people have brains and can figure things out. I think the truth about companion parrots is enough to get people to see the light though, so there is no reason to manipulate anyone. The breeders always seem to cry bloody murder when a one-sided report comes out, I think they'd have a harder time with one that covers both sides.