Kolmstetter is who i went to. Just so people know, I was not impressed by her. Maybe she was having a bad day, it was closing time and they worked me in, but really?? Of course I will not make any rash decisions. He's been apart of me for a long time. I tried the benadryl and he didnt pick tonight. I just bought every toy petsmart and petco make and will alternate to maybe help stimulate and keep interested. My son and I are taking shifts to ensure he is not left alone and he is sleeping peacefully now. He is making his happy noises tonight that i havent heard in 2 weeks.yeah!! I know i am not out of the woods but hope we are starting the healing process. You guys are the best and I really appreciate everyone's concern. I will keep u updated and am always looking for ideas and advice. Any suggestions on keeping him busy and stimulated???