I'm assuming if you clipped her wings that she isn't able to get to your face at least? How high is her cage (especially in relation to your height)? A book I found very helpful (ummm, I think it's called The Second Hand Parrot by Matty Sue Athan - I'll double check that tonight) says that lowering the cage height can have a dramatic effect on reducing aggression.

I have found with Bud-Bud, my Goffin, that I can not "back down" from him EVER or show any fear because if I do he picks up on it and gets worse. Obviously I don't ever physically reprimand him but I do speak "sternly" to him and hold my hand up (far enough away that he can't snap me) and talk to him telling him "That's enough Bud-Bud, be a good bird." until he quits bobbing and lunging at me(he puts his crest up and bobs up and down lunging). He is usually on his cage door when he does that - when he calms down I tap the end of his cage door and tell him to "come here for scritches" and he will usually walk over and lower his head and let me and then I tell him what a "good, good bird" he is.

I should mention that I am always taller then he is (I don't think it would work if he was above me) and that sometimes (especially in the beginning)it has taken close to an hour to get him to back down - we have progressed to the point that USUALLY I can tell him "Stop it" without even going up to him and he will. I also make sure that he is looking at me because sometimes he will try not to meet my eye (Cricket, my C2, is usually the one he's trying to attack - he has never actually attacked me - he used to attack my (now ex) boyfriend and I used the same method). Some members will tell you though that their bird becomes MORE aggressive if they stare at them. I find with Bud-Bud that "forcing" him(he will turn his head or look past me and I move my head to keep his eyes on me, rather than on his target. Although since your bird is attacking you she would be staring at her target.)to meet my eyes is better. I stand close to him with my hand out but far enough away that he can't "get" my hand (you might want to check her "strike" distance to see how close you can get without getting bit - their little necks stretch a long long way <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> ) This is something that has worked for me - it may or may not work for you but keep trying and give the methods that you are trying a chance to work - it took a long long long long time to get Bud-Bud to listen to me...hang in there. It is really tough, not to mention that it hurts your feelings that they would attack you!