Here Is my problem I had gotten a goffin cockatoo about a year ago from somebody out of the paper she had said that the prior owner traded the bird for a dog and the owner I had gotten emmy from only had her for two weeks because she had traded for her because she is a dog breeder and decided not to keep her well I bought her because I loved her and love taking care of her despite the attackings she is actually five years I am thinking because I ran into the original owner and she had told me I had gotten took because I spent $900 dollars I told her that I didnt care what I spent for her I love her very much well I am guessing that she only fed her seed and nothing else because emmy seems afraid all the time when I introduce her new foods I am her care taker and everything and she loves my fiance and my 11, 8, and 5 year old boys dont bite anybody else but me she will attack me in the face and bite the crud out of me but nobody else she has me in tears because I love her so much that it kills me I have six cockatiel, and a green cheek conure and when I talk to them she does get jealous and goes after me to yesterday 8/12/06 I was standing in front of her cage maybe four steps away with my back turned to her and talking to other people around me and two people were standing on each side of me all the sudden she flew on me and attacked my neck when she is on my fiance she will attack me so I know she is in the mating season I sure hope she stops it I dont want to get rid of her the screaming doesnt bug me but it does my fiance and I feel like I let her down I just cant give her up I did put her in the paper but at and really high price I felt that if they would spend that high of price then they would be the type of person who will be good for her I dont want to sell her at all I did do research on toos but thought I would be ok I take so good care of my birds they see the vet and everything in fact I got emmy sexed the old owner named her emit thinking she was a boy I also got her tested for deases and she checked out ok I feel like my hands are tied please help me she is not in the paper anymore because I feel bad and feel like I have let her down and want her to be happy she is always able to be out of her cage I dont have a big avery but I do have a nice big parrot cage for sleeping only when she is ready for sleep she will go in there and I leave the door open for her so she has in and out access. You see how I found the actuall owner is that I had answered an ad for two cockatiel for sale and told the women all what I had and she told me her friend use to own emit and I was so happy to meet her and told her I had a lizard for sale and she said she wanted it and I said cool I could kick myself in the butt because I had traded the lizard for the green cheek parrot which I am glad that I did because I have petey the green cheek but now I am worried about charlie the lizard because she had called me four months ago to say she couldnt take care of charlie he was to big I told her that I would take her back and I went to call her her phone had been disconnected so that gave me the idea she had possibly abused emmy because emmy only liked seed when I got her she was afraid of everything and you are right they dont show there true colors in the begging which is fine and I expected that but I need your imput how I can get her to quit attacking me please help I want whats best for emmy thank you very much you have a wonderfull site with caring people that is great and god bless
Barb confused