We have a pet store here in town, the next one is 40 min away, I buy most of my stuff online to avoid going there because they sell birds. I HATE the fact anyone would go in there and just buy an animal 'off the rack" like that. Makes me sick.

I will give them one "attaboy", not just anyone can walk in and get one, apparently (from someone who COMPLAINED about this) they grill you about your bird experience before allowing you to purchase one. They only carry small birds and the birds cages are, clean, FULL of toys and fresh food. I was told they are probably a better HOME for the few birds they have then most, if they would just stop selling!!!!

That being said, I DO NOT support them if all possible. 2 years ago we had a ice storm and I had to have bedding and cat food, they are 4 blocks away, I HAD to, no other options. I felt bad about it, but sometimes your stuck.

We have Several PetSmarts in the town near us (the 40 min away thing). I went there once, didn't buy a thing of course, but all their birds were in Quarantine??