In light of recent developments, I think it would be a very good idea for all of our members that make regular contributions to avian rescue/sanctuaries to ensure that their money is going toward those activities only.

Most of these 501c3 organizations have a Mission Statement in their literature or websites. Check this carefully to ensure that they are not loosely veiled breeding enterprises. Read the literature carefully or you may be sending money to an entity that is hurting as much or more than they are helping our avian charges. It is your money and you will want to make sure that it will be working to help eliminate the captive breeding of even more psittacines which will end up inundating legitimate rescues/sanctuaries.

The overpopulation of parrots is due to breeding too many. Do you want your parrot or any beloved parrots going to any organizations that say things like the following?

From the Purpose and Mission Statement of the Gabriel Foundation of Colorado:

The Gabriel Foundation is pleased to support responsible and ethical breeders who implement the very best standards of care for the
needs of the psittacine and parrot-like birds raised and housed in their aviaries. These persons are dedicated to the environmental and
psychological nurturance and enrichment of their birdsí lives, pursuing continuing education in the fields of aviculture, husbandry,
behavior and veterinary care. These persons take into consideration the need to make a difference in the welfare of each and every bird that
they place. They provide wide-ranging educational and supportive care with the birdís lifetime welfare as its goal. They remain a continued
resource for the birds and to their human caretakers that facilitates the success of the human/parrot bond.
The Gabriel Foundation believes that it is critical to the welfare of future generations of parrots to liaison with quality
individual breeders, veterinarians and retailers
who embrace the need to provide the public with comprehensive and accurate
educational materials and information regarding the specialized needs of parrots in captivity, those kept as companion pets and for
those needing our help to survive in the wild.

From the Mission Statement of The Tropics of North Carolina:

To serve as a full time refuge for exotic birds of all species.

To reach the masses with public education and animal assisted therapy enrichment programs involving our handicapped and normal exotic birds.

To encourage responsible sales techniques for breeders and/or retail pet shops.

To encourage and support avian research for the purpose of conquering avian diseases.

To encourage responsible methods of breeding for the preservation of the species and not just for profit. And to reduce the opportunity for the spread of diseases among the exotic bird population.

From the Purpose Statement of Beaks n Wings Exotic Bird Rescue of Kansas:


The Purpose of Beak n Wings, Inc. shall be to furnish and exchange knowledge about and to promote the humane breeding and / or raising of pet birds, and to introduce the general public to the field of aviculture.

Please use this thread to add other counterproductive mission statements of rescues. People that need rescues do not need the heartaches that we are hearing about. They need to know how these people think.