Sally Blanchard has a saying that I believe in and I think it applies in your case. You have a parrot that "is in charge of his own life and doing a poor job of it". They are like small children in more ways than one, they will get away with anything they can. It can be subtle and one day you wake up to find an out of control bird. Birds like to be high and see around them, this is natural behavior and not related to domination. You have good ideas for progressing in your previous post and you have been given some good advice. I would suggest a Mytoos search for "positive reinforcement" and start rewarding good behaviors and ignoring bad behaviors.

Always remember that safety of humans has to be the foremost consideration. You would not want to live with the consequences of the damage a large parrot can inflict. You can also do a Google search for articles by Barbara Heidenreich, Sam Foster and Steve Martin. This will open your eyes to many of your birds behaviors.

I am locking this topic because of arguments. Feel free to start again after you have digested some of this material.