It is with some sadness that I have decided to step down from Mytoos. It's been 11 years of frustration AND satisfaction, from founding Mytoos as a personal webspace to taking it Dot-Com and finally watching it climb to number 1 in the world. Like a baby, I watched Mytoos grow into what it is today, and it's time to let others take over the heavy-lifting, as they have anyway for a while now.

I have full confidence that Mytoos is in the best of hands, and will continue the journey of educating people and saving cockatoos. I know that no punches will be pulled just to "play nice". Mytoos will continue to tell you the truth even if you may not want to hear it. Mytoos will continue to be Ad-free, because we don't believe that you can be objective if you're taking money from a sponsor. If Mytoos changes any at all, I'm sure it will be for the better.

I have fought, and cried over the plight of these birds and the people I had to battle along the way. I have spent many sleepless nights worrying about individual birds, and in many cases the sorry owners of these parrots. I finally couldnt take anymore and had to step back. I had said everything there was to say, and decided that others who were interested could carry-on where I left off. Now it's time to let "my child" go, and start relaxing more.

I will always be in the background, like a grandfather who's advice may be needed now and then. But Mytoos will be "under new management" from here on out. The official announcement will come later as to the particulars, but for now I wish everyone the best of luck with their birds, and hope you will spread the word of Mytoos ... and what we continue to stand for.

Take care. smile