I didn't read all of each of your posts. This has been a very bad week for me and this has just been the icing on the cake, it's bothered me so much.

I wanted to say something about those not supporting PETA or ALF (although I don't know what that one is yet). I do support PETA for what they are doing, but I don't support them for the way they do it. Sometimes the shock value is just too much and can turn away those that in other, less shocking presentations, may be more accepting to the problem and help.

In my opinion that is what we are for. We need to get this out in a manner that touches people so that they want to help. Maybe you can call that playing it down a little. But shouldn't we, as mytoos and ftb's members educate ourselves on this situation and then get it out to others in our way, not the PETA shock way? I have posted several times on my weight watchers message board in an appeal to anyone who loves any animals, not just parrots.

PETA is over the top sometimes and very shocking, but I'm going to find a way to get this out so that even PETA non supporters will be willing to look at it and get involved.