Any thoughts anyone?

I have one. Someone has to document this kind of thing and show it to the world. As Echo's Mom said, this happens all over the nation every day. The general pubic needs to know. We should spend our time seeing to that by spreading it everywhere we can. These kinds of awakening moments are not created by weaklings. I'm sure it was extremely distasteful and disgusting to the documenter but it is no different than us trying to get people to take purchased, baby cockatoos back to the breeders and stores that sold them.

I'm not fussing at you here but some baby cockatoos are going to suffer and die. Their deaths, when detailed like this, help in some small way to prevent more from suffering the same fate, or worse. We, here, are a small group of dedicated caretakers; we are the minority. Most people don't have a clue what they are doing and their birds suffer terribles days for years on end.

PETA aside, if we just sit around and tsk, tsk when we see these images, we are just as bad as the perpetrators. Show these things to people you know! Explain things to people you know. Write letters and be outraged and do something! That documenter did a distasteful and possibly dangerous job and that chick died a slow and completely unnatural death. Did they have to endure all that for nothing? I sure hope not.