The investigator could have done something. I don't know how you could love animals so much, and let that one die. Any thoughts anyone?

I was thinking the same exact thing, and I know I could not have watched that bird die over such a long period of time. I would have snatched it up and taken it out.

BUT...I guess that would defeat the purpose of showing the neglect to the point that they allowed this bird to die and had the investigator "saved" the bird, the bird mill would be able to deny that they were going to allow it to die.

It's not something I could do, but I do "get" why it was done this way. The harsh reality is that bird died while in their care and they did nothing to prevent it's death.

I just hope that poor baby didn't die in vain, and that we are able to stop the abuse/neglect and cruelty in Angel's name.