Ugh that's pretty horrible. The Petsmart (and related things like Petland) take very good care of their animals. The worst pet store I've seen is one located in a mall and it's not as bad as some things I've seen online. It's depressing how the people who own and work at these places just don't care..

Besides that... I'm completely against PETA and the ALF. Not because I dislike animals or anything, but because they do the wrong things and are just nuts. They always go after the tiniest percentage to show how horrible things are (such as finding the absolute worst ranch they can and saying "oh well they are ALL like this"). The ALF also tends to make the problem worse, by stealing, vandalizing and hurting people.

These groups are just small-scale terrorists. If you want something done about the abuse of animals, you have to go about it properly. Doing it by force will never, EVER work. The worst is their treatment of other human beings. Many ALF/PETA members have repeatedly said that they don't care about people.. I've seen some say they would rather let labs test drugs (and whatever) on human children instead of on lab rats.

But anyway, I'm getting way off topic now so I'll stop ^^;;