Thank you for posting this Echosmom. I don't usually watch these because I do find them disturbing and simply being horrified helps no one.

However, PetSmart is a large company that has stores in numerous provinces and states around North America. is dedicated to the wellbeing of cockatoos specifically. Petsmart was/is(?) involved in the Kaytee bird mills.

Can we not simply ask all of our (how many Jerry?) seven kajillion members to stop shopping there? Can we not say, as a group,

"yes we're here for cockatoos, BUT petsmart is terrible for cockatoos AND hamsters and we choose not to support the philosophies, attitudes and ethical mores that treat not only birds, but all animals in this atrocious way. We may even agree that some PetSmart stores try harder than others to be decent, BUT as a whole, the profits go back to the larger company that we choose not to have anything at all ever to do with because we don't pay our hard earned money to people who treat animals that way."

Okay, it's wordy. It could be tweaked.

Now. My question, just to be devil's advocate is: Do we know if the footage is true? I know that a bunch of PETA members have been busted staging some pretty awful stuff to 'make a point'. I'm afraid I don't entirely trust PETA's veracity.

Saying that, if it's true, I'd happy to start a letter or see if I could get a petition on for everyone to sign (it can' be so hard) to send them.

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