I have just got in from a very pleasant night out. Usual routine followed..let Molly out of her crate for a weewee, lots of cuddles cos of coiurse she is a good little puppy, checked on Philip, all good, he is on top perch and grunted because I disturbed him, then went to check on my little mice. (Theyare always active late at night) Jemima was out, but not 'busy' as I would expect at this time of night. Matilda was nowhere to be seen. I tapped cage, called Matilda, nothing. I opened cage, and lifted out the mouse bedroom. As I feared, little Matilda mouse was curled up, never again to uncurl. I know she was only a little mouse, but she was MY little mouse, and also Jemimas friend. Im not devastated, but I am sad. I love my little mice, they are my pets. And poor Jemima must be feeling so sad frown
I really like my litt;e mice, I know they may seem unimportant, but theyare my little pets. I feel so sad for Jemima, Matilda was her lifelong pal. Even little, insignificant mice count, dont they. Im crying like a fool right now, but, I love my little mice so Im not ashamed.
RIP little Matilda Mouse xxx

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