ok. she usually goes to sleep around 8 and wakes up aroud 7. for the most part shes in her cage because of her aggression. i do, however, let her out of her cage about 3x a week. the room shes in is pretty quiet, so i leave the radio or t.v on. as for her cage ; its pretty big with toys in it. what i dont understand is why she has so much hate to everyone. she seemed VERY comfortable with the petshop owner and wouldnt bite her at all. eveytime i let her out she goes up to me as if shes seeking atention and strikes at my legs. it came to a point where my family didnt want her anymore, but they also notice that she has a nice side to her and she likes to be petted at times.....just not outside her cage. oh, and i feed her organic pellets with a minute amount of seeds in it and fresh fruit every day