Thank you Lori and Mom2Beebop, but no thanks are necessary.

We are all here to learn. "I told you so" won't help anyone. And besides, many people could say the same thing to me.

I have learned SO much about Cockatoo's from this board and mine, from experienced Too people, like Lori, when I got my plucking Goffins Cockatoo, so thank YOU. :-)

I am often blunt and come off as rude, and sometimes I am sorry for that, and sometimes I'm

As Lori said, the ones who most often get offended are the ones who come to boards like ours and want validation for buying a baby or something else that goes against our agenda.

When we don't validate them, they get angry.

We never stop learning, and as I have said many times before, I learn something new almost every day, either from other bird people or from my birds.

They are the best "teachers" of all and when one of my birds bites me, THEY are probably justifiably thinking..."I told you so!, learn to read my body language and you won't get bit"!