For the same reason that we had to abolish the private messaging, we cannot allow the posting of e-mail addresses.

We stopped the private messaging for two reasons:

1. People (mostly breeders and others who disagree with the Mytoos philosophy) used it to undermine us and caused much trouble in the past.

2. Spammers somehow found a way to use it against us in order to sell all sorts of porn and other garbage.

In the case of posting e-mail addresses:

The above applies.. AND be aware that any posted e-mail on the internet is harvested automatically by "Bots" and then your address is sold to every Spammer in the world. You dont need nor want this.
We will remove any personal e-mail address we find.

Here's what I've decided to do in SPECIAL cases:

If you absolutely need an e-mail address of another member for a really good reason, I "may" provide it. But it must be a long time member or someone I know.. and it must be for an exceptional reason. This means that many requests will be turned down by default and I will not respond to your request because I simply dont have the time to explain to each member why they were turned down. In other words, if I dont reply, you have been turned down. The last thing I need is 500 people asking for each others e-mail addresses. It simply wont happen.

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