Thank you so much, Dr.Mike, for letting me know I'm not just paranoid smile

I believe that bloodwork was run on the saturday, although they still didn't diagnose the problem once the results were in on monday (I suspect the vet in question was not even looking for possible kidney damage).
I feel really bad about the whole thing now. I have told Debbie (Churchil's owner) on the Friday to take Churchil to an avian vet for a second opinion and given her the number of a vet who I know specialises in birds. She called the clinic, but then decided that she'd be better off to just sticking to the vet she's with. frown
The vet Churchil was taken to never suggested taking her to a different vet at all. The cockatoo specialist from the university was contacted on Sunday, only by phone, and hadn't had a look at Churchil until the necropsy.
I will try to get Debbie to obtain Churchil's medical records and the necropsy records, but I'm afraid it would sound like I am accusing her of Churchil's death by trying to show that the vet was in the wrong and she should have taken Churchil to see the vet I recommended.

I'm really upset about all this since I actually had a look at how the vet handles birds in general (when I took the sick tiel to him). HE IS AFRAID TO HOLD THEM, and has to get his assistant to come in and hold the birds for whatever reason. I don't think there is a law that doesn't allow vets who are not avian vets to see birds, but I am starting to think that there should be frown

sorry, I guess I'm just ranting now smile I'll see if I can get those records for you. Thank you again for your answer.