Buffy wanted to know more about Oliver, so here goes.....Oliver is something else. his nickname is "His Pinkness". does that tell you anything? he really is a challenge. he just got put in time out (only 5-10 min.) cause he got on the floor, and refused to step up. tried a perch, he went after my hand holding it. so, all i have to do is tap on the open cage door, use a harsh voice, say "GET IN HERE!", and in he goes. i found this out accidentally one day, but it sure is helpful. after a few minutes he comes back out and all is forgiven.
Oliver is very cage terratorial, but once away from the cage he is a sweetheart. except when he gets on the floor. i'm trying hard to discourage this, as he gets agressive. its weird, none of my other Toos get that way. he's being unusually bad today. i just went to let him out, he climbed right down to the floor, wouldn't step up, then went right back in. i wonder if some of this is related to him moving from the kitchen into his own room a week ago? i usually have him out on playstands in other parts of the house during the day, but today i can't get hold of him.

AHH! got him off the side of the cage with a perch. he's sitting here on my arm wanting to know if i've been writing bad things about him.
still a bit nippy, though. i feel like he's testing me sometimes, to see just what he can get away with. of course he is a bird, i always try to remember that. and a very hormonal one at that.he's about 12-13.
he has a soft toy on top of his cage that he usually mates with every morning. maybe he forgot to do that! its weird, even my vet said that females have less problems, in general. so, who is going to take care of and love the males?
well, i will, for this one!
i have plenty of patience. the main issue at my "toofull" house, is that Oliver has to be kept away from the other Too's. he is just too big, and i know what he wants to do with the girls, and i bet he would attack the boys. so, it takes a bit more time to incorperate each bird into my daily activities, so they all get some one on one time.
thats the real challenge, and i work hard at it.
right now my non-bird huz is feeding Oliver grapes. so much for "a day in life with Oliver".