Here is my newest addition to my lil flock. He/she is a half moon conure. Apx 12 years old and is the cutest lil darn bird ever. He is very hand shy as far as petting goes but steps right up as long as you remember to say step up first. He felt a little on the thin side, so I weighed him...he is only 66 gramms and I think he needs to be around 78 gramms. A couple owners ago...he was hit with flyswatters and poked thru the bars with a fly that time his name was paulie. Two years ago, moms neibor took him in and named him poppy {bleck} he doesnt respond to anything {except my shoulder...GEEEEE first day and all}

Trying to think of a sweet name for this poor lil sweet bird.

To be honest I was only going to foster him/her till the perfect person came and made a love conection...but thinking over his past and the fact he is 12 I just feel he deserves to land on a perch and stay there. He has been bounced around to much. {dont think fostering and rescue is going to work out for me. LMAO}He is in his FINAL HOME!