Dr. Mike:
First welcome back & congrats on your successful surgery smile .

If you remember Jasmine, my U2, went into a phobic/hormone stage in June & became terrified of me to the point she stopped eating/etc. My vet had given her a Depo-Proveria shot on June 6th to help calm her so she'd eat. I did NOT take her back for the second shot.

Since then I have been letting her deal with this on her own, no other meds or shots. I have been letting her go at her pace. She is now her normal self in the AM & lately in the afternoon or evening, but not everyday. She is ever so slowly returning to her normal self pre hormone/phobic stage.

We've had company (man & woman) staying with us since August 16th. They leave today (26th). We have been coming & going since then, some days being away all day into evening past birdy bed time. Sitter (sis-in-law) came into care for them & cover birds at night. Jasmine has shown normal actions & even allowed our company to play/interact with her. She has been displaying/dancing/vocalizing again. She is still, at times, phobic of me in the evenings. It seems she is relating me to locking her in her cage, but my Huz does this as well & she's not phobic towards him. She only pants if close to me & then only at certain times. So I'm assuming it's a hormone thing she is relating towards me. When she starts to pant I walk away from her. I don't want to add to her misery.

Now here's where I can't understand Jasmine's actions.....she has grown in 4 tail feathers & several wing feathers, full length. Jasmine has been an over preener since I got her at 7 months of age & has never let her wings or tail grow in fully. She has always chewed them off when they reach about half length. Her wings had been chewed down to the nubs most of the time. Since she entered this hormone/phobic stage she has NOT chewed off one single feather!!

Is it possible by her entering this hormone stage she has decided it's time to stop chewing her feathers & let them grow? or Once she's thru the hormone stage will she most likly return to chewing off her feathers again? My biggest fear is she will return to chewing & take it beyond that. I don't fuss or show it upsets me she chews tho.

I want to THANK YOU for helping me to understand Jasmine's hormone/phobia. Due to your info I was able to deal with this in a very calm manner, allowing Jasmine to get thru this mostly med free & in as normal a way as possible, with as little stress as possible.