here are some command that comes in handy when owning a bird.

Step Up - give the bird an idea of why you are putting your hand under his belly.

Take your hand and put it under his belly while gently pushing the hand up, at the same time say step up. Once on your hand offer your other hand and say the word step up. Keep doing this everytime you pick up the bird say step up.and do this exercise a couple of times when spending time with the bird.

The command gives the bird some structure, and also lets the bird know what you are up to smile

Come here - another good command especially for stubborn birds (did i say stubborn) nah! no bird can be stubborn, they are sweet and cuddly. yeah, wait till he/she reaches puberty then tell me he is not.

Teach it by offering him a treat, say come here and show him his favorite treat. do this everytime you want to offer him a treat. eventually he will learn it and will come to you even without the treat. though most effective when you do have a treat.

Go inside your cage - now this is hard for those bird that do not like their cage. but to make it easy, when you are done giving him a one on one attention it's better to get him in the cage after that play time with you.

1. you are already holding him, which makes it easier, and once you set him in his cage have a treat in hand and once you close his cage give him the treat. eventually he will learn that getting into his cage is not bad at all.

2. it's easier to set a routine when he knows that you are done playing with him it's back to his cage. normally after the play time he will either be tired or hungry so this is a good time to get him back in his cage.

I hope that this few simple tips will help anyone that is new to the keeping of this hard headed but charming little guys

And i've notice that i bird that is used to commands seem to be less stubborn, though they do have their moments, but having the command imprinted in their little brains do help a lot.

My M2 sometimes do not want to come inside when he is out on his tree. But no matter how bad he wants to stay out. when i tell him to come here and step up he will (slowly work his way, which can take up to 5 minute) and while coming down he will also repeat the command with an added "I Love You" like that's gonna give him time to stay out longer LOL. but he does listen like a good kid and off we go inside the house. I also like to make the transition from outside to inside fun for him (remember they are like two year old, the more fun you make something the better) i would talk to him, and give him kisses and hugs while walking back to his cage. And I always make sure that he has fresh fruit in his dish since i know he is hungry from playing outside.

Another tip before i go:

To add some fun and exercise when he is in his cage. I would get some twigs off the trees around the house (make sure the twig is not poisonous and has not been sprayed, and wash it really good)
i would strip the leaves but sometimes i would leave em and put cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, apples, or any other fruit or veggie that you can poke into the twigs. i put the twigs every where in his cage from the very top and all around the side. it makes him kind a forage for his food. And i notice that it also keeps him busy, even though he would waste a lot of it, it's ok with me since i grow my own veggie, so it's free and i plant a lot of it. smile laugh