i'm not new to the parrots, but i've never really encountered a female M2, all you here is the males behavior, what about the female M2?

The reason why i'm asking is that for years now i have always thought that my M2 was a male he is seven this year and for the first time in his life he or i should say she laid an egg on my hand when i was playing with her. I never took her to the vet to find out if she was a male or female just because sex did not really matter to me for she is just my companion for me to spoil and love. But since she has laid an egg, it started to make me think of stuff like. She has always been gentle and never tried to dominate. She even don't care for the dog even if they sit next to me while she is sitting on my lap when watching tv. Is it because females are not as dominating as males?

She is very docile and just love to talk, she don't scream like other M2 or like the intro on this site LOL . She has never been around any other M2 though i have 10 other species of parrot. She stays in a different room of the house for i just never wanted her to be so bonded to me like other M2. She is very independent but when i do have a one on one time with her she still is very loving and will cuddle with me. till i put her up, though the one on one time is not a routine. But she does come out of her cage twice a day for three hours and during this time she gets to go outside and play on a tree that is in my yard and that i can view from my office window. The tree is next to the house and is 10 feet high. And one limb of the tree goes directly to the window of the office. So when she is tired of being outside she'd tap the window and i'll just open the window and let her in. I'm fully aware of the hawks and stuff but the tree is thick and she pretty much stay underneath the branches and close to my window. I do keep an eye out on her when she is outside, i have my computer sitting right next to the window where i can view her no matter what part of the tree she decide to be on.

Can someone please tell me what to expect from a female M2 as far as hormones? i understand that it is normally the males that has the problem, will i have this kind a problem with her, since she is still young.

And i think she is bonded to me, for she will regurgitate to me, and coo like a baby when i'm holding her. And she will not let anyone pick her up without a fight but me. is this normal? i have a room mate and he tried to get her off the tree the other day and he said that she tried to bite her but not hard. So now i'm the only one that plays with her. And since that incident i really don't let anyone hold her for i'm afraid she might bite em. I know i need to socialize her but it just scary to have someone get bitten. She will also try to bite anyone who would try to pet her if i'm holding her. I think that is the reason why i don't let anyone pet her anymore. though the biting of other people just started a month before she dropped the egg.

She's on harrison pellet diet, and gets lots of fresh fruit and veggies from my garden.

would appreciate any info on female m2 behavior and any other tips that i can use. smile