Hello Again,
I have a new question about our G2 again today. Yesterday evening while I had Taz out of the cage and was playing with him/her, Taz kept coming up to my mouth/face and nibbling while making cockatoo cooing/crying sounds. The nibbling is not unusual as one of the first things Taz learned once we got him/her was “pretty kisses”, and Taz will often make crying/whimpering sounds while in my lap. The difference was that Taz was VERY persistent yesterday, and making the crying sounds while doing the nibbling. Eventually I got the ideal that perhaps it was baby feeding behavior. So I place a thumb and finger at the base on each side of the beak. Sure enough the feeding behavior began with the wing flutters, cooing, and the head movement. At first we thought it was cute, but then I got to thinking. Several years ago I had a female B&G Macaw that would regurgitate food to me, and I knew it was because she had chosen me as her mate, and it was part of pair bonding. Then I wondered if this was what Taz was doing (supposed to be 1 year old this month), and if so would it tend to make Taz over-bond to me, or to whoever was stimulating the baby feeding behavior. At present Taz knows few strangers, and I would like to keep it that way. Also Taz had a bit of a tough spot with my girlfriend, but they have since worked it out (think it was a dominance issue and she had to learn how to handle birds). Other potentially relevant information. Taz has been with us since Feb. Taz came to us with chewed feathers (which are in the process of being replaced) resulting from other birds that Taz was housed with, but has no other problems that I am aware of. We had to pull a damaged blood feather a few nights ago (see post of “Blood-Feather” under the general discussion board), but seemed none the worse after the fact. There have been no change in food, light, activity, cage placement, or anything else I am aware of. Diet consists of several different pellet mixes alternated daily, various fresh veggies, fruit and juice treats, and a very occasional small piece of meat (almost always chicken). I also add a dilute vitamin supplement to Taz’s water about once per week (don’t want to overdo the vitamins). My girlfriend also shares her orange juice with Taz, which Taz loves. I make sure that she is the only one to give OJ to Taz to try to encourage bonding between them. I also encourage Taz to go to her, and later last night refused to scratch Taz a few times until Taz went to my girlfriend to be scratched/petted first. I have experience with a Macaw and a Amazon, but this is my first cockatoo, and so don’t know cockatoo behavior nearly as well. Any thoughts the group has on this behavior will be appreciated. Thanks for your time.