Hi Gang: We are taking in a new foster bird (through our parrot club's rescue program) and are looking for anyone out there with experience with agressive male M2's.

He (we don't know his name yet) is a 3 1/2 year old male M2. His family has decided to get rid of him because he has become unhappy and dangerous to the kids in the house. Apparently he is a docile sweetheart and wants to cuddle all of the time, but then while being cuddled he will all of a sudden attack (and I don't mean bite a little, I mean where you have bloody cuts and bruises on your hands/arms). So the family doesn't like to cuddle him anymore and he has now started to pluck his chest bald.

I have seen this 2x before with male toos. My theory is that he is starting to go through sexual maturity and is feeling confused with unfamiliar/displaced urges. The family did say that it has gotten really bad lately (springtime).

Anyway, I think he might grow out of it once he finishes his adolescent years, but it might take a few years. Anyway, I am looking for any guidance/ideas from my fellow too lovers.

Thank you, Cari