Hi, we were at the bird shop looking at this guessedly female moluccan for sale,(Don't yell, I'm not buying it) and of course the guy opened the cage and it stepped up onto my arm and my husbands and cuddled and kissed us, which was nice. So we got it back in its cage for a poop then took it out again. However, this time instead of cuddling ect. it hopped onto the top of its cage, ran around then paused to stamp its foot on the top of its cage. We got it off by having it step on our arms, but then it ran up my husbands shoulder on to the top of the cage, stamped its foot then jumped up high on to the finch cages and stamped its foot again. It would not have been a problem for us to get it down, except it pinched my husbands jacket on the arm hard enough to make us nervous, not having handled a large cockatoo. So I had to get the guy to come in and do it. What is the foot stamping about? It raised its crest at one time, but only because of the noise the other birds were making. Is foot stamping an agressive behaviour? The bird came right up to us strangers and kissed and hugged and even stuck its head into my jacket.
And by the way, I believe about the powder. She was soooooo dusty!lol