Our club, the New York Bird Club, is looking for a home for an Umbrella Cockatoo. He/she is a good bird (well aren't they all), but he is not plucked and well socialized. I really don't have all the details about why a new home is needed, but the couple is very concerned about getting a good home. He/she is not to be "used" for breeding purposes and definitely in no way to be sold.

If you are a good person that only wants to provide a loving home, please contact me. Please do not smoke and do not clip his wings. Please do your research about Umbrella Cockatoos, and what better way to find out then by reading MyToos from front to back.

We need to see two pieces of current ID - one with a picture of you and the other with a current address. This is only used to make sure the Too is not going to a broker.

There will be an adoption fee of $200 which goes to one of the sanctuaries on our website:
Or you can become a member of our club, or any combination of the above.

Please email: nybirdclub@yahoo.com if you are interested. This is in the New York City area.