My local rescue has gotten in what is a Poicephalus/Sengal,

It was misued for breeding and brought in with wild tag from the amazon so age is estimated at at least 14yrs old. It name is Digits..hmmm wonder why"..It is very scared of humans our enviroment still.
I don't see spending much outside time with him. AS he dosnt come out of cage as i read. What kind of bird personality is a Poicephalus/Sengal.

Thanks Rex

Here is exact info from rescue.


Size: Medium
Age: Senior
Gender: Male
ID: digit

Notes: Digit is an older Senegal..... He is a former breeder, who is looking for a home to retire. He has an import band, so he is AT LEAST 14 years old, however his exact age is unknown. Almost Home is requiring Digit's new home be with someone who has a large flight area/cage where he can just 'be a bird' and not be forced to breed, or be a human companion. We will require he have at least one birdie friend, though not necessarily in the same cage as him. Digit is very afraid of everyday life things in a human household. He does very well in a room that is low-traffic. Since he's been here he's begun playing with toys and doesn't panic when he sees us walk by the bird room. I would require a similar setup with any home he goes to. He will allow me to touch his beak/head, and is ok with very slow movements, but he does not want to be forced to be a human's companion. Anyone interested in him will need to understand, and respect this. He is on pellets (Zupreem Natural) but loves to get his seed treats. I call him Digit because he is missing one toenail. *~*~UPDATE~*~* Digit has been seen by the vet. He is healthy, and definitely a male (SS & Tattood). He is still enjoying hanging out in the bird room with my other birds, and is more accepting of me cleaning his cage and adjusting his toys now.