Hello ALL,
I recently discovered this site and was much moved. I had no idea how many 2's were in need of care and/or new homes.

Anyhow, I am closing on 12 acres in Oregon this April. My thought is to build a foster care facility that would house a few 2's while I seek out new permanent parents. I would post ads in local papers and magazines educating people on 2's special needs and offer counseling services. At that point I could make an educated analysis of the situation and offer to house the 2 until I could seek a permanent situation. I would also get in touch with local rescues that don't special in a 2's emotional needs and keep in regular contact.

My question: What would be fair housing? Aviary/Indoor Heated Enclosures? I figured to build large enough to house a dozen in EXTREME cases. However, with my U2 and a soon to be adopted M2, my hands are pretty full and would lean on family to help with the fostering. Any tips???

Thank you. Paul.