Hi Jerry,

Gosh, I wish you luck. Its not easy....placing birds, or adopting....and doing all you can to ensure the next home is the right home. I'm part of The Gabriel Foundation adoption committee. We start out with applications that ask several questions to help give us a feel for what a person is like, some about the creatures they've cared for in the past, family etc. We review them in a few different ways. We also ask for and contact references, and also any past vets and of course interview the person themselves. After all that, the decision is never up to only one person, but those appointed to each case, and needs to be unanimous. Then a meeting arranged for them to meet the parrots, looking for a parrot decision....its a long process in some cases, that can be discouraging if nothing else because of time involved.

If I can offer any help, if you'd like any forms etc, feel free to e-mail me.