Ok, Daisy has 2 fatty lipomas on either side of her vent-they were both quite large when i adopted her but she has since gone from weighing 434 grams in 5/04 to her present weight of 320 grams. One lipoma was no longer palpable or visible, the other is now almost completely gone, but is still visible-Daisy I notice is recently rubbing this area more na dmore, she had no feathers on it except for 2(what looks like only shafts about 1/8" long) feathers?-she is now growing in tons of new feathers all over-including a few on this lipoma-they do not appear to growing in length at all-just a very short little pink couple. There is no redness to the area, no do they seem to casue any pain when i touch them-I am worried with the increasing "attention" she is giving them she is trying to pull them out, or worse will accidentally nip herself tryign to preen. I had spoken with the vet, she remembers them quite well and had no advice on what should be done-HUH? I wondered if they should be pulled, for being cautious, or if pulling them will trigger the possibly of her beginning to pull others. SHe couldn't give anhonest answer as she doesn't know what will happen-wondering if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this. I also have talked to her about just leaving them alone, and she said that si also a possiblity but understands the increased attention they are now getting-and especially with all the new feathers coming in. We also spoke with the preious vet that had seen her in 04 at her heaviest weight and confirmed the feather situation on the lipomas has never changed(she has never grown more, always just the 2 on the largest lipoma(which at one point it was a small egg size), now it is barely pea sized. So really confused-but hope someone can help-I hate the wait and see game..I worry too much!thanks in advance