Hi. Being a new G2 owner.. (I've had "Lily" for about 9 months), I have a question regarding boarding/bird sitters. I'm having a lot of painting done in my home soon (the whole second floor).. and I'm going to bring Lily to a bird sitter throughout the duration of the painting so she can totally avoid any paint fumes. I was recommended to a bird sitter by my avian vet's office. This woman also owns some birds of her own. What questions should I be asking her before I bring Lily for her to sit? I'm concerned about any diseases her birds may have, as well as the cleanliness factor. I'm not sure about her being around other birds and what I should and should not worry about. I want to achieve the delicate balance of doing my due diligence without becoming a paranoid bird Mom. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. You guys are always so helpful. Thanks.