I was just looking for opinions on a cleaner made by Natural Chemistry. It is called Healthy Habitat. It is made of all natural enzymes, nothing artifical in it at all. I have used it for a long whie on my reptile cages, as it breaks down wastes like nothing else and is completely nontoxic to reptiles, rodents, supposedly ANY animals. I will include a link to their website and if that's not allowed, I won't be offended if it's removed. Anyone interested can email me or send me a PM. I actually met the owner of this company at a reptile show and spoke with him for a good while about his products and the fact that they are so safe, that even if a little is accidentally ingested, there are no harmful effects. We were talking about rodents/reptiles at the time. Any opinions would be great. I would not use anything else for my reptiles but was interested in using it for cleaning the bird cages. Thanks!