The couple that is caring for them called me today and gave me some info I thought I'd pass on.. Both have been to the vet and both are healthy baby girls. The vet said they seem a couple weeks older than 14 wks due to their size and some other reason I don't remember. confused They are gaining weight daily and starting to climb on their cage and play with their toys. They are spoon feeding twice a day, which is going well. She said they don't take much formula and stop when they're full. She said all she does is tip the spoon and they take care of the rest. (Sorry if this sounds wierd, but I know nothing about weaning birds.) They love fruit and eat lots of pellets. So, basically they are starting to act like cockatoos. They bicker back and forth over food and toys, and climb all over each other when playing on the cage bars. She says it's funny to watch-one goes for the other's feet, and the other goes for tail feathers. The joys of sisterhood! laugh I'm not letting myself go see them right now-Because I'll end up with another cockatoo if I do. She said they are very sweet (what baby isn't?) and she will have no problems placing the other girl if I decide not to take her. So, when I get more updates, I'll pass 'em on.