Here is one of the prime examples of what damage we do to these wonderful animals. This one needs a forever home and look what the requirements are to be able to "adopt". This will take a very special person indeed (if one even exists.

Notes: She was born may 26 2003 to a local breeder they hand fed her till 5 months then a young couple bought her and they kept her on there shoulder and at there bedside, never left in a cage. She has no idea how to entertain herself except for screaming. She hates I mean HATES children and other animals. She is very jealous of anything you put in your hand including reading mail, writing, the remote control and so on. The good thing is she is a sweet heart and lovely at that. I am very concerned that someone that has kids may try to get her and that is absolutley a NO. She lunged at my granddaughters eye missing it but a sand. She just has had to of been abused buy them somewhere in her last home. My home is as far as I know # 4 and the last one lasted 5 weeks and the one prior was only two weeks and then with the same people since buying her from the breeder. She loves to cuddle and talks real good, She has different voices she uses some deep and some loud and screachy but you can understand what she says. Its funny after a tantrum of screaming she will call her self pretty bird, me pretty bird.............. This is a difficult spieces of birds ans without having proper knowledge this bird would not fit in to a home that has no knowledge, I