I am from Rome. Here in Italy we have no rescue organization like in the US and what is done is on amateur basis. So through a lady, to whom people turn in parrots they no longer want as well as rescues she done; I was given a citron crested too. She/he was not abused nor has behavioral problems she/he just needs a home.. I would like some useful tips how to work things since I have a hand fed female U2 6 six years old ( I also have 3 sulphur crested toos but they are wild caught and rescues and do not want to be touched they accept food from my hand but I must keep my distance!!).
My U2 does not pluck nor screams, she is a very finky eater and destructive like all toos!! I have been her only mom (she did not belong to someone prior to me).
The U2 does not mind me petting or speaking to the new guest since she is used to the presenze of other birds and the fact that I speak clean etc. The BIG problem is sitting on my lap , shoulder etc . All useful tips for a successful rehoming and living together of the two toos is welcome. (the citron crested is 1 and half uears old sex uncertian yet, hand fed and wants lots of love)
Thanks to all for your help