Okay, I bought a scale for my bird, U2, just so I could keep an eye on her weight to make sure she doesn't lose weight now that she is weaned (she had crop burn before I got her) and I do not want her pudging out on me either.

I went online to find what the (a healthy) weight range "should be." Of course there were huge differences. When I weighed her, I think she is about 400 grams. She wiggles a lot. When I first tried, she was only 342 grams, I tried again today and that is when she was at 400ish grams.

When I was online I found a lot of different information.

Moakie is about 7 or 8 months old and is a female (sexed by a blood test). When I measure her, she is 13 inches from the top of her head to the tip of her tail.

Here are my questions:
confused 1. What would you, Mytoos Message Boarders, say a "healthy" weight would be?
(We have a Dr. follow up visit in a couple of weeks so I will ask the vet too.)
confused 2. How do you measure a bird?
From the top of the head to the butt where the feathers attach?
From the top of the head to the tip of the tail?
Should her neck be stretched out, natural or squashed in?
confused 3. Will she grow in length as she gets older?
confused 4. Will she gain much weight as she gets older?
Here is the most disturbing thing I found:
Life span.
confused 5. I found some sites that said the average life of a U2 is
-up to 80 years.
-50 years and up.
-60 to 70 years
-the average is 35 years frown , but can live up to 80.

Before getting Moakie, I thought that she would live from 50 to 80 years, thinking the average would be around 60 to 70 years. My dog is 10 1/2 years and I am really having a hard time watching him slow down. I love my babies. I want to do EVERYTHING I can to make sure they are healthy and happy.

I came across an adoption site looking for answers to the average weight questions. This bothered me to the point of tears and I am still very upset. The site is wonderful to help place these beautiful friends. http://www.rescuethebirds.org/Bird%20Pages/Adoptees.html

On their site I found a photo that really bothered me: http://www.rescuethebirds.org/images/Adopte12.jpg

His eyes are so sad. (It reminded me of Joey) They say he is doing better since he has been in foster care.

I want to be a good mom and the thought of that being Moakie or any loving cockatoo makes me so sad. I have to say, I am a bit scared. (My previous postings indicate my worry wart side)


Please help me answer the above questions so that I can be proactive in keeping my baby healthy.

Thank you for listening (reading).

Anne and Moakie