Hi all,
I had asked questions and replied to the "travel" post. I was asked to post my vacation memories...LOL So here goes.

Jazzy is a 5yo U2. We decided to take her on vacation with us. We've only had her a couple months and I didn't want someone trying to take care of her for me. Also we were going to be gone for the better part of a week and I wanted her to get used to travelling. We'll be retiring in 15 years and RVing is going to be a major focus of my later years. Also we do ALOT of camping now, actually about once a month.

So we got the van packed, the kids ready and Jazzy was the last one in. I packed her playstand, food, treats, her new coat, and a couple of her favorite toys. At first she was nervous and sat in my lap, then she climbed up on my shoulder and just watched the traffic. As my husband drove.

I had taken her driving around so she could get used to the movement of the car. I also took her on walks with her harness and leash so this wouldn't be TOTALLY new.

Anyways so after an hour she was comfortable she sat with the kids in the backseats. She preferred not to look out the windows and stayed low. We put her in her carrier once when we went into a restuarant for lunch. She didn't care for it and preferred to be a lap snuggle bunny.

With kids being kids, our 6 hour trip turned into over 8. Also Jazzy won't poop on you or furniture so I let her out at our rest stops to potty and take a little walk. The drive went well. We got to our trailer near Yosemite and when we got out of the car. She was really suspicious of it until after we had all the lights on and her playstand set up. She wanted to be held and kept her foot up the entire time we unpacked the van and got everything stored in our trailer. It's a 35 footer with 2 bedrooms. I put the stand in our front bedroom closed the door and turned out the lights. She quieted down and started doing her evening rituals, beak chomping, eating and preening.
The second day, since she was sooo good and calm the day before, we took her for a walk by the river...okay that was a MISTAKE. She flew off my daughter's arm missed her landing in a tree and ended up in the river. She did a good job of keeping her head up and actually had her wings out of the water. When she flew up I went into a full force run so when she hit the water I was RIGHT behind her. I jumped in and grabbed her. I took her in the trailer wrapped her in a towel and started blow drying her immediately. The water was about 35-40 degrees. It was COLD..I know!!
So there I am sitting in the trailer soaking wet trying to get her warm. It worked... I was really worried about her going into shock so I kept her busy. As soon as she was dry. We got in the van and went driving to go see a cavern. We drove for about an hour and she was doing in fine. We went to lunch and sat outside in the sun.
When we got to the cavern I put her coat on and away we went. I had her in my arms all wrapped up. It was 54 degrees in the cavern and she really seemed to enjoy it. She was calm and quiet.
Well that was the second day and thankfully the rest of the trip was much less exciting for her.

We ended up watching the kids swim and splash in the Merced river, watched them rock climb, and took a few hikes. All in all I would say it was a trip she very much enjoyed. She ended up sleeping on the foot of the bed. She would climb off the playstand, snuggle into the blankets and go to sleep.

The last day we went gold panning she sat in a tree and watched. We finally got under way to go home. My husband drove first and she snuggled with me under my coat and slept. I started driving at 10pm and then she slept in my husband's lap. At about midnight she woke up and looked out the side window. She hissed at all the trucks that drove by. She was up for about a half hour just looking out the window.

We got home at 130 am and she woke up. She sure seemed happy to see her cage.

She got a new nickname on the trip, due to her apparent enjoyment and toughness. She is no longer just a too..She's our "Albino Eagle"

Whew I'm finally done with this novel..if you have any questions..I'd be glad to answer. I also have advice.. "near rivers make sure SOMEONE has a good hand on the end of the leash".

Take care
Alcina, family and Jazzy "The Albino Eagle"