I've started a new yahoo list for people with parrots who have PDD. The free exchange of information is vital to this group of people. I actually was in a list that withheld information that a successful treatment existed because of a rivalry between researchers (one looking for a vaccine and one looking for a cure).

The list is called Living with PDD and can be found in the Yahoo Groups directory.

PDD (proventricular dilatation disease) is a fight that does not have to be lost. I was told 6 years ago to have my bird euthanized because it was a fatal disease. I refused saying, 'if he were a human with AIDS, he'd be treated' and my vet and I worked as a team keeping him going for 5 years. Not until just recently did his
quality of life decline to the point where euthanisia was the thing to do.

Now the veterinary community has recognized that PDD-stricken bird owners want their birds treated and that we're not willing just to discard our beloved pets in the interest of aviculture purity.

As a result, a successful treatment has been found but is having some publicity problems because of the situation mentioned above. Please spread the word if you know anyone with a mysteriously ill parrot or a parrot that's been diagnosed with
PDD. Thanks.