Cheyenne finally came home with us on saturday morning to join the rest of our little flock. He seems to be adjusting well other then still being a shy and spending most his time in his cage. Be he does come out when he feels like it more and more each day. He is showing no signs of plucking thus far and is eating like a freeking horse lol, seems to love pellets and apples.
During the day he seems to be quite content being in his cage (with the door open of course) while peanut and casper run around the house, but come night fall when casper and peanut are all pooped out and ready for bed ol Cheyenne seems to come to life and just starts talking up a storm and acting like a normal 'too.
Peanut is taking the new addition in very good stride and really hasn't made any seriouse attempts to squabble with Cheyenne other then the first day. Casper on the other hand is still a bit bent out of shape about the new addition but is getting better day by day. Cheyenne still stays clear of the other 2 and definatly does not join in when they are playing together but I think it is just a matter of time before they all start playing together....then again possibly not.