Thanks to those of you who shared your experiences and survival technics of the Servant to the 'Too. It got me thinking and looking for options.

I believe that part of my stress comes from my husband's unhappiness with the DESTRUCTION that abides happily in our kitchen.

While I just grin and clean up the mess (knowing that this IS what a 'too is suppose to do and the fact that it's taken her this long to GET INTO IT amazes me. At least I know she's settling in and that makes me happy. Oh well re: the cupboard door), he looks at it thru different eyes and see only TROUBLE, expense and then more of the same. "Get rid of that bird!"

Even in saying the above, however, he talks to Gypsy almost everytime he passes her cage. He pets her, too! So. . . we'll see.

What I've done at this point is to call my friend that we got Gypsy'Too from. We talked. I told her a bit about what was happening. The original idea and intention was that Gypsy would be the long desired big bird for our second-born, a 17 y.o. developmentally challenged son. That hasn't work out at all. Our DS isn't mature enough to handle a toddler w/ feathers on a day to day basis. He likes Gypsy and Gypsy likes him, but **I** am the mother here and it seems I'll remain so. And that's okay but that wasn't the original idea.

We talked about Sid (DH) and his discomfort. He feels CRAMPED by this feathered kid who's moved in. (BTW, he is a GOOD daddy and has never felt or acted cramped by the responsiblities of parenthood. Not at all. It's just this BIRD!)

And we talked about Gypsy's future.

Most of our conversation hasn't been shared here a home. The bottom line (between my friend and I) is that Liz will take Gypsy back if it just can't be resolved here. Liz has moved into a much bigger home, she has a BIRD ROOM where all her birds live and she's working out of her home (instead of having her shop elsewhere) so it's better now for the birds then it was before. Okay. That's my ultimate out, should I need one.

BUT! I'm not telling Sid that! LOL!

In the mean time, Liz is willing to help us in any way she can. When we are going camping and can't take Gypsy with us (too cold or whatever), Liz will come in and take care of her. When we go on vacation, she'll come again. Liz wants this to work out. I do too.

This beloved MadamDestructo continues to reign. I'm finding creative ways to deal with her need to destroy everything she can reach in a tiny house. (meaning, it's almost impossible to keep her out of "trouble" LOL!)

Time will tell, but we'll give it out best shot. She's a heap of fun and it's a joy to see her becoming a REAL cockatoo! With all that comes with that! smile