I know this will probably sound really dumb. But if you know where I'm coming from maybe that would help. (then again, maybe not. LOL!)

We have an appt. for Gypsy to visit an avian vet. She lives 2 hours away and I already know it's gonna cost $$$ for the visit, tests and tests and WHATEVER!

One of our sons has cronic health problems and has had for YEARS. We've done the medical thing with him forever. In all that we've learned what we can handle and what we need to get help with. (this is where I'm coming from, as mentioned above. Hang on, I'll get back to bird-talk) Our other three kids RARELY go to the doctor. Maybe once every 5 years or maybe even less. Just don't go there. We take good care of them (as much as you can. wink ) and educate ourselves continually to that end.

Now we've adopted a feathered child. On the one hand, I want to continue on as we always have with our kids. On the other hand. . . I'M NOT DEALING WITH A HUMAN HERE! And I'm still not very proficient or knowledgeable.

What do you think? Should we spend the $$$ (which COULD help to get her a bigger cage - something she needs badly) on the vet visit? If so, what are we going for exactly. I mean what am I wanting to have looked at/checked. What tests? What questions should I ask? (Like we could cover all of it in ONE office visit! LOL!)

I will say that in the short time that she's been with us, everything about her has improved. She's spouting feathers all over the place, the feathers she has are clean, bright white and fluffy. She's learning to eat more then just seed, learning/re-learning to play, interact, do a morning & evening display WAHOOOO!!!!(it was beat outta her, two families back) and seems to be much happier, even in that short amount of time. And I'm not the only one that sees the diffence. Friends have commented. smile Cool!

Anyway, what do you think, considering. . .