Just want to thank everyone in previous posts who suggested using bird kabobs or skewers for vegetables. Last month when Patch got sick she quit eating all veges and fruits. (I blame the nose drops for messing up her taste buds.) It seemed like I tried everything and she began only eating the fruit. Alot of searching backposts and I took the advice of several on here and purchased a Birdie Kabob. She loves it. One meal goes on the skewer and the next in her bowl. She still won't eat veges out of the bowl but I feel like this is a major breakthrough. I've been alternating between her salad veges and her cooked ones each time I use it to make sure she's getting a variety. Even have thrown in some new ones. While most gets destroyed, I know at least part of it is going in her mouth. What's even better is afterward she will go searching for the food she dropped. I've started putting fresh paper on the bottom of the cage during mealtime. Helps keep the food from falling through the grate so she can get to it and makes cleaning up easier.